Parenting Tips

Supporting Your Teen in “Adulting”--Tips for Parenting Your Teen and Teaching Them How To Be Independent

The transition from being a teenager to becoming a young adult can be one of the most difficult times in our lives. Not only is it challenging for teens, but parenting your teen can also be scary for you as a parent or caretaker. With so much happening in such a short window of time, it’s reasonable to feel overwhelmed.

10 Travel Tips for Traveling with Kids this Summer

Now that the kids are out of school and summer is in full swing, you might be thinking about vacation travel plans. Whether you’re hitting the road over the river and through the woods to see relatives or taking to the air, traveling with kids always brings extra challenges.

As much fun as it is to experience new adventures through the eyes of your children, stress and strain can put a damper on things both for you and your little ones. But planning ahead and taking a little time to prepare can help everyone focus on creating happy memories instead of losing their composure. Let’s look at some of the top travel trips from parenting and travel experts.

The Pathway to Healing: Parenting After Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Whether you have recently left an abusive relationship, are still in one, or are looking for ways to support the survivors in your life, this blog post will give you some tips to help adults build strong, positive relationships with children that protect children from the negative results of being exposed to domestic violence

Protective Factors: Concrete Support in Good Times and in Bad

As families in eastern North Carolina face cleaning up after the damage and devastation left in Hurricane Florence’s wake, it’s a good time to consider resilience. We’ve discussed 5 protective factors in the past that buffer and support children and families even during stressful times like these. It seems especially apt, given the disaster affecting our region to look closely at the fourth of these protective factors here: concrete support in good times and in bad.