The Early Childhood Outreach Program for
Childcare Providers

The Early Childhood Outreach (EChO) program offers consultation services and support to childcare providers and families when a young child's behavior presents a challenge in the classroom. The EChO program is guided by the belief that children will do well if they can. If they can't, it is our challenge as adults to figure out why. 

How EChO Helps Childcare Providers

EChO Consultants work closely with childcare providers to better understand the child's behavior. This is done through classroom observations, developmental screenings and developing individualized action plans of strategies to address behavior. Teachers are provided resources and coached as they put these new ideas into place.

Who Can Participate?

The EChO program is for children with challenging behavior, ages birth to five years, who are enrolled in Durham County childcare programs. Services are provided in both English and Spanish.

Referrals come jointly from child care providers and families. Either can initiate the process. 

Teaching Model

EChO uses the Teaching Pyramid Model developed by the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) to strengthen classrooms and reduce problematic behavior.


All EChO services are FREE.


"Aviva (EChO Consultant) was a big help in the classroom and the strategies/resources she provided helped directly with the child and with overall classroom management and routine."

--- Durham 4 year old Teacher, August 2014

"I love this program. You all are dedicated to these children and making sure they receive the best help possible.  Thank you!!"

--- Durham, 3 year old Teacher, November 2014

More Training on the Teaching Pyramid Model

In addition to services provided to address behaviors of specific children, we also offer a free, professional seminar and related workshops. See more details on the Childcare Provider Workshops page.

EChO receives funds from Durham’s Partnership for Children, a Smart Start Initiative.

Questions or Referrals?

If you have questions, or would like refer a child for any of these services, please submit your inquiry below.  You may also contact Shekema at (919) 403-8249 x233.