The Parenting of Adolescents Program


The Parenting of Adolescents Program strengthens families and their communication skills in order to reduce child abuse and the likelihood of an adolescent’s involvement in the juvenile court system.
The program provides:

  • In-home services to youth ages 10 to 17 at risk of being or already involved in the juvenile court system
  • Intensive family counseling for 16 to 24 weeks using the Multidimensional Family Therapy Model (MDFT).

Parenting of Adolescents receives referrals from Court Counselors, Law Enforcement Officers, Department of Social Services, and other mental health agencies.


Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

A Comprehensive, Family-Centered Treatment Program for Adolescents and Young Adults

Multidimensional Family Therapy is a comprehensive, family-centered treatment program for adolescents and young adults that addresses drug abuse and related behavioral and emotional problems.  One of the primary goals is to help prevent out-of-home placements. MDFT focuses on key domains of the adolescent’s life and provides an effective and cost-efficient therapy. MDFT addresses the areas of adolescent and parent functioning that often create problems and enhances the factors that solve problems, improve relationships, and restore positive development.

Multidimensional Family Therapy believes parents are the best medicine for adolescent problems. Most importantly, parents must take action and seek out help for their teen if they’re worried about involvement in drugs, alcohol, illegal activities, or school failure. There is never a downside to reaching out for help

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