The Exchange Family Center Vision and Mission


Our vision is a world where all children are safe - physically and emotionally - and have the resources and support to guide them and their caregivers through life’s difficult moments. To impact families by providing accessible education, counseling, and support to break dysfunctional patterns of generational abuse and neglect to produce emotionally healthy adults in our next generation.


The Exchange Family Center makes children’s lives better by strengthening their families, teachers, and communities through proven counseling, coaching, and training. 

  • We believe that caring adults are essential to developing resilience in children so they thrive now and as they grow

  • We build up the skills and capacities of the caring adults children rely on

  • We create safe spaces and responsive environments


To meet this mission, the Exchange Family Center has focuses on the following goals:

  • Provide information and education about child abuse and neglect to the community at-large;

  • Provide information and education about healthy social and emotional development, strengthen caregiver/child relationships in handling emotionally-charged situations to the community at-large;

  • Create and support services that will help youth transition safely to adulthood and lead healthy, productive lives;

  • Address the needs of children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned;

  • Provide services that keep children in their homes and when needed, reunify children with their families and resolve intra-familial challenges;

  • Strengthen family relationships by promoting safe, stable living conditions for children; Identify resources in the community and develop partnerships to help eliminate gaps in services;

  • Provide information, tools, skills and knowledge to caregivers of children throughout the community to ensure the safety, well-being, and progress of children in need;

  • Develop services that embrace diversity and provide opportunities for families to fully participate in the planning and implementation of programs that affect their lives, their families, and their communities;

  • Be a voice for children and families in need through community awareness, public education, and advocacy activities: a) communicate that child abuse and neglect is preventable and highlight the innovative and effective prevention strategies we are using; b) engage parents, families, individuals, communities, public officials, educators, and the business community; and c) encourage and empower individuals and groups to become engaged in individual and systemic changes.

  • Cultivate protective factors: Resilience, social-emotional skills, parenting skills/information on child development; concrete support in times of need; and social connections.


The Values that drive the Exchange Family Center are rooted in the attempt to ensure a commitment to improving the lives of children and their families. These values include the following:

  • Respect - We share a common humanity and we work to affirm the individual uniqueness, worth and capability of each young person, family, staff, and volunteer.

  • Environment - We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment which promotes trust, honesty, direct communication, and personal/professional growth.

  • Diversity - We celebrate the richness created by a variety of cultures, beliefs, and life experiences.

  • Families - We believe every young person deserves a family or support network which can provide safety, nurturance, a sense of belonging, teaching and guidance, and connection to the larger world.

  • Creativity - We encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking to respond to the rapidly changing needs of children, youth, families, and the community.

  • Partnership - We actively build partnerships to strengthen community planning, advocacy, and delivery of services to children, youth, and families.

  • Quality - We work constantly to improve the quality of everything we do in order to be responsible stewards of community resources.