We All Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends—2 Benefits of Strong Social Networks

It’s back to school time! But what does that mean? For you it might mean a bit more quiet time at home. For your kids it might mean a new school, new classroom, new teacher, and maybe even a new Wonder Woman backpack. But as we get ourselves and our kids ready for a new year, we also want to remember that back to school isn’t just about getting back to academics. It’s also about getting back to great friends, making new ones, and having other social experiences.

Hope, Resilience, and Care: Snatching Promise from the Jaws of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Creating a safe environment for children takes a concerted effort by not from parents, but from experts in child development experts and community members.  This blog post addresses the significant findings from the CDC’s landmark study on ACEs and how we as a community can support each other in creating a nurturing environment for children.