Parenting Trap #5: The ‘It’s All My Fault’ Trap

Sometimes parents blame themselves for all of their children’s problems. While it is possible to guide a child’s development and teach good social skills, it is not possible to control all the factors that influence a child’s behavior. Parents can become depressed or feel guilty if they believe they are to blame, which makes it even harder to be patient, calm, and consistent with their children.


What to try instead:

  • Remind yourself that parenting is a long game: Rather than getting bogged down in the daily mistakes or challenges, try to remember that what really matters is your child’s development and seeing improvement over time. Set yourself some small goals and practice using different strategies. Look at what you did well and then look for anything you said, did, or failed to do that you could improve upon the next time a similar situation arises. Be consistent and you will see results in time.

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